Study Says Majority Of Americans Say Marijuana Use Should Be Legal

A new poll has found that most young Americans favor the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. Among young Americans, 88 percent favor legalization, while just 14 percent are opposed. Only one in ten of this group reports having used marijuana within the last month. One in four says they don’t know how to feel about it. The other three-fourths are undecided.

A recent poll by Pew Research Center found that a majority of Americans (84%) support the legalization of marijuana. The study included registered voters of all ages and genders and found that support for legalization has increased steadily. More than half of Democrats favor legalization, while 48 percent of Republicans say they oppose it. The results showed that support for legalization also increased among Americans of all racial and educational backgrounds. However, there are still those who argue that marijuana should remain illegal.

The new administration is likely to put an end to the federal prohibition of marijuana, a move that is opposed by many states. Fortunately, Democrats have the power to change this policy, and they are poised to do so soon. The new House and Senate leaderships will introduce their own marijuana legalization bills, and a Republican-led bill aimed at ending the federal prohibition of cannabis and taxing it. However, despite the increasing support for legal pot in the U.S., the political climate remains challenging for reform advocates.

In terms of political party, Republicans and Democrats are split, with 48 percent favoring marijuana legalization for medical purposes and twenty-four percent in favor of it for recreational use. In contrast, a significant number of Democrats support legalization for any use, and fewer than one-third of conservative buying cannabis seeds Republicans support marijuana legalization for medical purposes only. This poll also reveals racial and ethnic differences. A majority of black adults support legalization while a small percentage of white Americans and eight percent of Democrats oppose legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes.

While Republicans and older Americans are divided on marijuana legalization, younger Americans are more likely to favor the decision. Moreover, most Democrats between the ages of 18 and 29 support the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Only 11 percent of seniors supported legalization. In a recent poll, Gallup found that the majority of voters favor legalizing marijuana for medical reasons and for recreational purposes.

The poll also found that Democrats believe marijuana legalization should be a top priority for the government. However, a majority of Democrats believe legalizing marijuana should be a top priority for Congress. In a Morning Consult and Politico poll, registered voters were asked marijuana news about 13 issues. Four of every ten said legalizing marijuana should be a top priority for Congress. If legalizing marijuana is not a top priority for the Democratic Party, this poll is likely to show that Democrats believe legalizing marijuana should be a top priority.