Inside Italy’s Push to Decriminalize Recreational Cannabis

The push to decriminalize recreational cannabis in Italy may have come about in response to the country’s recent decision to legalize medical marijuana. However, Italy’s political landscape is more complex than that. It gorilla glue 4 seeds still has some work ahead of it. This article will provide an overview of the push and potential outcomes of such a move. This article is not intended to be a political agenda, but a simple analysis of the situation.

Italy has legalized medicinal cannabis since 2006. However, personal use of up to 15 grams of cannabis is still punishable by a fine. A person with a medical marijuana prescription can legally possess up to 15 g of cannabis. However, possession of more than this is illegal and can lead to a prison sentence of up to 15 years. Likewise, people with a cannabis prescription can still be fined and have their license suspended.

Local businesses in Italy have also begun incorporating cannabis into their menus. Local gelato shop Canapa Ligure is a great example. It has partnered with local restaurant owners to offer custom flavors for minorities. Its collaboration with local pizzaiolos has also made its way into the local food scene. A local pizzaiolo recently made a pizza base from cannabis flour! While the legalization of recreational cannabis is still far off, Italian society is becoming increasingly open-minded.

Legalizing marijuana is one of the most ambitious legalization efforts in the country. Legalizing it for adults has some benefits. Most importantly, it has the potential to eliminate many criminals and reduce the illegal marijuana market for the drug. Additionally, legalizing it would help reduce the income of organized crime and transfer the proceeds to the state’s budget. And it would also make the country more safe, safer and more prosperous.