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The merging of yoga and cannabis is an age-old concept, although these new weed-friendly yoga classes are slowly stepping onto the scene in states like California and Colorado, where recreational marijuana usage is completely legal. According to the ancient 5,000-year old Indian medical tradition, Ayurveda, cannabis has a myriad of healing benefits. In Ayurveda for example, the ancient herb is often recommended as a treatment for everything from spasticity, epilepsy and chronic pain to nausea, coughing and anxiety. A powerful concoction of various oils and herbs including curry, Cayenne pepper, ginger, basil and lavender, Ayurveda essentially calls for the use of cannabis for all manner of ailments.

Yoga, too, is steeped in the ancient discipline of Ayurveda. Like Ayurveda itself, yoga derives its healing power from plant life. It follows the Buddhist notion that cultivating and drinking plant life is not only a physical exercise but also an act of worship. As such, yoga classes regularly incorporate meditation and spiritual exercises in their curriculum. Just like with Ayurveda and cannabis, yoga classes have also found that using marijuana is highly therapeutic. Classes that incorporate the use of weed are quickly gaining popularity with a cross-section of Americans who are tired of the stigmas and social taboos associated with marijuana use.

If you’re curious about trying out a cannabis yoga class, it’s important that you consider many things first. To begin with, you’ll need to find an instructor who is experienced and skilled in using the substance. Many instructors of yoga and weed classes have not actually taken the classes themselves and thus may lack firsthand experience in dealing with marijuana users. Secondly, you’ll need to make sure that your instructor is open to the idea of allowing you to use marijuana as long as it is in the strictest of forms. Many instructors may be all too aware of the social stigma surrounding the use of marijuana, so they may not feel comfortable putting you on an even schedule that would allow you to smoke as much as you want.

If you do happen to find an instructor who is willing to put you on an appropriate schedule, one of the best parts of taking a cannabis yoga class is that your teacher will be able to assist you in learning how to relax properly during the class. Since yoga utilizes meditation and controlled breathing techniques, learning how to do them without marijuana can be quite a challenge at first. However, if you take a class where your instructor is also an experienced meditator, you’ll be able to ease yourself into using cannabis much easier than if your instructor was not skilled and knowledgeable about the substance.

If you do decide to try a cannabis yoga class, you should also understand that you must first get past your initial fears about getting high. While it’s definitely possible to experience “weed dreams” when on a cannabis yoga routine, having the occasional puff of marijuana isn’t considered by most yoga schools as being “high.” This is because yoga, much like any other form of physical activity, is essentially a form of exercise, which involves the body’s response to stress. If you are still worried about whether or not you can get high, you might want to consider taking a course with an instructor who is very skilled at handling situations where people have been known to get high.

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Regardless of whether or not you decide to smoke pot in a yoga class, you will ultimately come out of the experience more empowered. After a few yoga class sessions where you don’t smoke anymore, you will wonder why you never tried it before. Your friends may even be envious of your decision, and you’ll wonder how you lived life before this new found enlightenment. And when you do start thinking about going back to smoking, you’ll be ready for it, because you’ll have learned how to go about quitting cold turkey.