Twins Study Finds No Evidence That Marijuana Lowers IQ in Teenagers

The Minnesota Twin Family Study, which tracked 2,277 teenage twins from 1990 to 1996, found no link between marijuana use and reduced IQ. The researchers found that cigarette use was associated with a decrease in IQ, but were unable to determine the specific cause. Another study of 789 twins from 1990 to 2006 used the same questionnaires, but asked each teen to answer questions about marijuana, binge drinking, and drugs.

In the study, researchers measured IQ and Vocabulary scores for each pair separately. They also controlled for socioeconomic background, ethnicity, and dietary intake. However, there were significant differences in the IQ trajectory between the non-using and using twins, so a direct link between marijuana and IQ is unlikely. In addition, the cotwin control design allowed for the potential for unexplained variations between twins. This makes it easier to examine the feasibility of a direct mechanism between marijuana use and IQ decline.

Unlike the Los Angeles study, the Minnesota study used different surveys to assess marijuana use among teenagers. The questions were not as detailed, so the results may not be the same in each case. One limitation of the Twins study is that the participants were self-reported. lastest about cannabis As a result, the results cannot be taken to prove or disprove the association. The research team recommends further research, which would also examine the factors that influence marijuana use in adolescents and how they impact their cognitive abilities.

While there are other studies, including twins and a general population study, the results are still controversial. Some experts believe that cannabis use does not affect IQ in teens, but that it increases the likelihood of deviant peers who discourage academic achievement. The findings are based on genetic and environmental factors and not specifically on cannabis use. This suggests that marijuana use is not directly related to lowered IQ.

The researchers concluded that there is no evidence that marijuana lowers IQ in teenagers. They found that IQ scores did not differ between the groups. Further, there was no difference between the marijuana-using and non-user cotwins. The researchers found that there was no difference between the two groups in any other area of the tests. It is possible that the differences between the two groups were due to the fact that the MTFS sample included a large number of children.

While the twins study found no difference between the two groups, they did find a correlation between cannabis use and IQ. The findings were consistent with the findings from the first study, which also included a twin component. Both studies found that cannabis use did not negatively impact IQ in teens. While marijuana may be harmful to adults, it is not proven that it hurts the developing brain.

The researchers found no evidence of a link between marijuana use and IQ. The results of the study are promising and point to the positive effect of the drug on the brain. Although a study’s validity cannot guarantee that it will show that a certain substance will affect the outcome, there is no reason to be discouraged by a lack of evidence. There is no clear connection between marijuana and poor IQ.

The Twins study has other interesting results. It shows that marijuana use does not reduce IQ. In fact, the researchers found that marijuana use was not significantly different from the non-user twins. In other words, marijuana use did not lower IQ in the teens. That is not to say that marijuana is bad, but the study did not support the previous study. The findings of the study do not show any evidence that pot is harmful to a person’s health.

While it is still early to say whether marijuana lowers IQ, the study provides an important new finding. It found no association between marijuana and IQ, and it is also important to note that the gorilla glue #5 seeds findings do not prove a causal link between marijuana and IQ in teens. In fact, there is no evidence that pot consumption lowers IQ in teenagers. If you’re a parent, your child will never know.