Col’Cacchio Restaurant Launches South Africa’s First Cannabis-Infused Pizza

The latest venture for the South African cannabis industry is a new restaurant called Col’Cacchio, which is based in Johannesburg. The concept behind the new venture is to offer customers an alternative to gluten free, dairy-free and vegan pizzas. It is also the first South African restaurant brand to offer a cannabis-infused product, which is legal to buy and use in SA. The company sources its CBD oil from a farm in Switzerland called africanpure, which also supplies the restaurant with the CBD oil.

The restaurant is partnering with africanpure, the leading cannabidiol brand in the country, to offer its new menu. The pizzas, priced at R125 and R140, will come drizzled with CBD oil that contains no synthetic chemicals or THC. The restaurant will also be selling an option for customers to add cannabis oil to any dish they purchase. A cannabis-infused pizza is a great way to relax and unwind after a hard day.

The Col’Cacchio restaurant in Johannesburg has joined forces with africanpure, a leading brand of cannabidiol in the country, to offer a CBD-infused pizza to its customers. The menu features CBD-infused pizzas, and each slice comes drizzled with the company’s CBD oil, which contains no THC or other synthetic chemicals. For R25, diners can add the oil to any dish they’re eating.

The Italian-inspired Col’Cacchio restaurant has partnered with a CBD-infused pizza company called africanpure. The oil contains no THC and is combined with essential oils for a flavorful treat. A popular South African brand, the Col’Cacchio restaurant chain has 37 restaurants in South Africa and Namibia. Despite its growing popularity, Stone warns the food industry that it must be cautious about entering the CBD market.

The pizzas are infused with CBD oil, a non-habit-forming chemical from cannabis. The restaurant offers R25 for a bottle of CBD oil, which provides about 20mg of CBD. The brand is partnering with a local cannabis company to offer the new product. As with any other cannabis product, the cannabis restaurant aims to expand its menu and attract new customers. With the new addition of a marijuana-infused product, the Col’Cacchio team is looking for ways to expand its brand in South Africa.

The cannabis pizza will be available in all Col’Cacchio restaurants, but Windhoe and Halaal restaurants are not included. The new range is available in select locations, but won’t be available in Windhoe and Windhoek branches. Its recommended dosage is one piece of pizza a day. If you’re looking for a delicious way to enjoy CBD oil, don’t forget to check out the 420 Cafe in Johannesburg.

The restaurant has partnered with the Africanpure company to offer cannabis-infused pizzas to South Africans. The pizzas will be available in all Col’Cacchio restaurants except for Windhoe and Halaal branches. In addition to the marijuana pizzas, it also sells CBD oil. It is not yet available in Windhoe and Halaal restaurants. The new products are available in all Col’Cacchiao’s locations.

Col’Cacchio is a popular Italian restaurant in Cape Town that has teamed up with africanpure to sell cannabis-infused pizzas. The CBD oil in the products is free of THC and other synthetic chemicals. The CBD oil in the Col’Cacchio food will contain no THC or synthetic chemicals. It will be sold separately or in combination with other products. Alternatively, customers can order a CBD-infused cannabis-infused pizza and consume it with other items.

The new range of Cannabis-infused pizzas will be available from 25 June at all Col’Cacchio restaurants, except for the Halaal restaurants and Windhoek. The restaurant is partnered with the Africanpure CBD oil company. They are also planning to launch a CBD-infused wine that will be available to the public for sale. These two companies will sell the cannabis-infused products in stores.

The Col’Cacchio menu will include a CBD-infused pizza that contains no THC or synthetic chemicals. It will retail for R125 and will have a wide range of flavours and toppings. The restaurant will also offer a CBD-infused oil to customers for an additional R25. However, the menu is only available in certain areas. A few other South African restaurants will offer the cannabis pizza, including Windhoek.